lua string.format

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lua string.format

Post by valtoni »

I'm trying to write a macro to get the name of a function in C code, but every time I use the function

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string.format("%c", ... )
, I get the following error message:

attempt to index local `string' (a nil value)

I'm using Zeus v. 3.93.


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Post by jussij »

string.format("%c", ... )
There is an example of the string.format function in the c:\Program Files\Zeus\zScript\char.lua file.

I checked this script and it ran fine for me.
I'm using Zeus v. 3.93

You are running a very old version of Zeus, which will also means you are running a very old version of Lua.

If the script above does not run on your version of Zeus you might in fact be seeing a bug in Lua itself :?

Cheers Jussi
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