Zeus for Windows 3.97u Patch

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Zeus for Windows 3.97u Patch

Post by jussij » Thu Sep 11, 2014 1:30 am

This message is to announce the release of the latest Zeus 3.97u version.

The latest Zeus 3.97u patch can be found here: http://www.zeusedit.com/z300/ze397u.zip

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: Please DO NOT EVER overwrite your current installation with this release.

NOTE: This is a free upgrade for any Zeus 3.97t (or higher) user.

If your registration key predates the Zeus 3.97t release (i.e August 2013) then that key will not work with this version of Zeus.

For those users wishing to upgrade just backup your current Zeus install folder and then and upgrade the files in that folder by replacing them with the files from the zip file above.

In either case DO NOT overwrite your current installation with this release.

If you wish to trial this latest version you need to do the following:
  1. Make sure you have a copy of your current registration code just in case ;)
  2. Rename you current Zeus installation directory to something like Zeus-old
  3. Run the latest Zeus 3.97u installer and install the software into the original Zeus directory of step 2.
  4. Delete the now obsolete scriptljit.dll found in the c:\program files\zeus folder.
  5. Copy over the zConfig directory from now renamed directory of step 2 and paste the directory into the new Zeus installation directory.
  6. At any stage should you then wish to revert back to the older release, just delete the latest version and undo the rename from step 2.
Those not needing these new features can continue to use their old registration keys with the 3.97c release found here.

Cheers Jussi

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