Try Before You Buy

Before making any purchase we strongly recommend you take up the offer to first test drive the software by using the trial version.

The trial version is identical to the registered version, providing a 45 day trial period in which to fully evaluate the software and during that trial period you are entitled to the exact same levels of software support as a registered user.

Crash Challenge

We challenge you to crash Zeus and earn a free registration. Read more about this here.


The software download is a zip file containing the software installer executable.

Get it from (56 MBytes)

NOTE: In order to run the software installer executable you will require local admin rights to the machine.

IMPORTANT: If you are using the Bitdefender anti-virus then it might cause issues with this software. Bitdefender has the bad habit of sometimes incorrectly reporting the Zeus IDE as a virus.

Latest Version: Zeus 3.98m
Released: 28th February 2018